Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday

I really didn't need to worry that an Easter spent in Wellington would be boring!

Yesterday first thing we did what we always do on Sunday - we went to the fruit and vege markets...ok so that's not terribly interesting!

But at half twelve we went to the Kelburn Cafe for lunch and met up with Ross and also a couple of friends from Hamilton, Hazel & Sam, that we hadn't seen for absolutely ages so it was good to catch up with them and hear their crazy stories - especially their crazy couch surfing ( stories and their crazy "Not your mothers cookbook" (a cookbook which includes recipes for things like coffee lamb and a vegemite milkshake) stories.

In the afternoon we headed out to J'ville to spend the evening at Ange and Brendon's house - a whole bunch of us were invited and Ange had made the most beautiful meal - including duck (which was good) and Pork (everyone else assures me that was good but I don't eat pork) and a vegetarian pie and lots and lots of roast vege's and bread.

We also had a huge pudding of ice cream and chocolate and chocolate and more chocolate!! Not to forget that Ange has made from scratch hot cross buns!

Plus there was lots and lots of wine to be had.

It was a fantastic night - it felt so much like Christmas would feel like if you spent it with your friends rather than your family! Ange had made this huge lovely meal that everyone filled up on - despite that we still made room for heaps of dessert - not to mention the wine...then after tea we just all hung out at Ange and Brendon's feeling sleepy and watching TV on their MASSIVE television! SO MUCH LIKE CHRISTMAS!

Also - during the course of the Easter/Christmas meal I got a text from my friend Charlotte in Auckland saying that she's now finnished studying and has a job. She also said now she has a job she can come and visit us down in Wellys and she's going to try and come down for my birthday weekend! Super duper!

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