Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jo & Andre's Wedding

Over the weekend Rich and I attended another wedding - this time it was over in Tauranga and the wedding was that of our lovely friends (and former neighbours) Jo & Andre.

Here's a few photo's of the venue for the ceremony - Papamoa Beach - the rainbow appeared during the ceremony - which can only be a good omen.

Here's a couple of photo's of "the crew" pre the wedding ceremony - firstly, one of all the grrls - (L-R - Mella, Sue, Chay, My lovely self & Nicky)

Another pre-wedding shot - this time of everybody but Mella and myself! (L-R Sue, Nicky,Rick, Chay and Rich)

Here's a few pics of Jo and Andre's ceremony - as you can see both the weather and the bride are beautiful! (I guess Andre's not too bad either he he he)

Just a couple of pics taken whist hanging out waiting for the reception (L-R Myself, Sue & Chay)

Rich and I looking "so hot right now" in our wedding attire

Me with the beautiful blushing bride!!

Photo taken at the reception of Rick, myself & Nicky

As always - a few strange things happen at wedding receptions - Rick wasn't drinking alcohol - and ended up drinking this rather odd creamy, pinky and VERY girly drink!

Rich and Rick - just having a "staunch" moment!

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