Monday, April 23, 2007

The trip to Rarotonga is getting really close!!

I know it's still over a month to our Rarotonga trip but now it's beginning to feel like the trip is actually going to happen - why is this? You may ask - well two things....

Firstly - we went and paid for the rest of our trip today - and a bit THANK YOU Jess for sorting it all out:)

Secondly - I've filled in my application for my passport and I'm posting it off tommorrow - although my passport photo is SO heinous - but I guess they all are - at least Kat didn't laugh when she witnessed the photo!

So yes I have paid for my tickets, I've (nearly) applied for my passport and Rich and I are going to work out exactly what we want to do when we're in Raro over the next few weeks! Yah!

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