Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Here comes the rain again...

Well I know all my non-Wellingtonian friends will appreciate this entry (especially those who live in Auckland) because it's homage to Wellington weather - after a very long period of warm weather and sunshine the rain arrived today!! It's not Hamilton style rain where it absolutely pelts down for hours on end and you wonder if you should really swim home - but it's rain none the less. A lot of people at work were saying they were cold too....but I'm not cold....maybe I've finally become accustomed to Wellington weather?

Anyways - figured I may as well make this a general rant of what I've been up to in the last little while...something that you guys may not all know is that I'm FINALLY back at bellydance class and it's AWESOME - some of you may know that I did bellydance when I first moved to Welly - but then I got sick and lost motivation. Well I've found a new teacher and she's absolutely FANTASTIC - she takes really small classes (about 8 people) and makes sure everybody knows exactly what they are's fantastic! Thought I'd just mention it seen as I have bellydance class tommorrow - yah me:)

Easter is shaping up to be a busy one - I've got Mariella coming over for DVD's tommorrow, then on Friday Rich and I are doing a daywalk (which I am SO looking forward too - it's been far too long since we've done one), then it's Georgie's farewell on Saturday, Ange and Brendon's Easter "do" on Sunday & Bookclub Monday - oh well - it's all good - I won't get bored...

Also - helping Kat promote her shop Triangle on Saturday - along with Fiona - Kat is putting together some lovely purple Triangle t-shirts to wear - so a free t-shirt for helping out for a few hours....seems like a perfectly good deal to me! that's all for now...except for the fact I can't believe it's only ONE DAY till EASTER!!

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