Sunday, February 04, 2007

Looking for a new home...

Rich and I have finally decided it is time to look for a new flat - as our wee flat here is getting a bit more than we can room for crafts and very hard to keep tidy!

So the time has come to look for a new place - which is kinda fun in some ways but a total drag in others!!

So far we have seen three properties - one in Kelburn and two in Newtown. So far the Kelburn property with it's beautiful deck is the winner...but it was a bit of a mess when we went to see it so waiting to hear back from the property manager so we can see it in tidier condition. But there was another couple viewing it that were far pushier than us so maybe they have already snatched it from under our noses.

So our current project is to find a new place, with two bedrooms and so space...hopefully it shouldn't take too long?

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