Saturday, February 24, 2007

Yes....we have a new home!

A lot of people out there know this already but for those who I haven't told already I thought I'd share our news - we have now found a new flat!

It's still in Kelburn (well Kelburn or Highbury depending on who you ask) and it's one of 3 - it's the downstairs flat but unlike our current downstairs flat this baby gets HEAPS of sun on it's great big deck which looks out on all of Aro Valley - nice:) Plus this one has 2 bedrooms instead of 1 so we will have an extra room to put all our stuff - which will be fantastic as it's hard having only one room - and as a real bonus - this place has an oven that actually works!

But everything seems to have happened very fast - we are moving in next Saturday at 11am - Rich was able to sort out a moving truck this morning.

So today we've been doing a bit of cleaning and organising but the real work will start tommorrow as Celia's taking me out to Pak n' Save on a mission to get some boxes.....and Mariella has decided to help us by helping us take some boxes of stuff over to the new place during the week before we officially begin our tenancy on next Saturday.

In the coming week we will be paying off the remainder of the bond and signing the tenancy agreement and picking up the keys for the new place - and then it's all on!

I'm really looking forward to moving into our new place - I'm especially looking forward to more space and the big deck - but I am SO not looking forward to moving. I've moved so many times already so it's so not exciting or interesting anymore - I'll just have the thought of Bailey's in the sunshine on our big new deck to keep me going!

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