Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our Night at Craftwerk

Last Thursday Rich and I were selling our wares at Craftwerk - here's some photo's from our evening out!

This is a photo of our Craftwerk stall - complete with balloons!

Just a couple of photo's of the wares on our table - it was a VERY colourful stall!

80's style electric pink guitar - I can't even tell you how stoked the girl who bought this one was. cream!
Here's a love robot(the theme of Craftwork was Robot's can't love)
Paint the whole world with a RAINBOW! (Thanks to Mella for buying one of these designs)

A supercool Mofire Cross-stitch we had on our table - created by Rich
It's a fishtank that you can take anywhere with you!

A couple of examples of Mofire Cross-stitch patches
A Mofire Xylphone - this wee creation was purchased by Donna:)

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Tabitha Dial said...

Awesome! I think the xylophone's my favorite.