Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What a stunner of a DAY!!

In fact we've been having some real stunning days - enough in fact for Rich to get quite burnt over the weekend - I managed to get my nose burnt too...

Today is Waitangi Day and although it's nice to day off - it's a wee bit weird as well....because I went to work yesterday and I am going into work tommorrow and for the rest of the week as well - just feels a bit odd but who am I to complain about a 4 day week!!

I spent most of today hanging with Rich and also finishing off my wee craft project for Celia's Hen's night - but can't spill full details of the project here yet in case Celia's decides to check out my blog in the interim!! But full details of the project will follow sometime in the near future;)

I'm off to spend the rest of the afternoon with Kat shortly though - but I'm waiting for an auction on trade me to finish before I leave....yes...I am LAME...

Anyhose - I'm off to kill time in other ways whilst waiting for my auction to finish....perhaps next time I shall have something more exciting to write!

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