Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cuba Street Carnival

This weekend was the Cuba Street Carnival - and man was it ever BUSY in town - we went to check out the markets briefly on Saturday afternoon which was ok - but to be honest most of the stalls were pretty naff (not nearly enough crafty stall and too many stall selling borning stuff like t-shirts and sunglasses) and it was so busy you felt like you could hardly move - but on the upside Rich managed to buy a shirt for Celia and Simon's wedding and I was able to buy a very cute dress from Illicit - it's not really the typical dress that you'd wear to a wedding but then I'm not your typical kind of girl.

On Saturday night we went to Mariella's place and a few drinks as the lovely Jo was visiting from Hamilton - it was so fantastic to catch up with her and also get an invite to her and Andre's wedding in April over at Papamoa (Which I am really looking forward too - haven't been to Papamoa beach in years). Jo's cousin also came over to join us and Donna as well for a few drinks and laughs.

We all decided to go and check out the Cuba Street Carnival later on in the evening - although I acutally couldn't see all of the floats because there were so many people there. But Rich did give me a running commentary of everything that was going on and the floats I did see were pretty amazing (like the stilt walkers - who were awesome!). Rich did manage to take some very cool photo's of the parade though - and here they are for your viewing pleasure - it's had to see them well on here as they are so small but I think they're awesome:)

After the markets - Rich and I just headed back to Mariella's flat and hung out with Mariella and Jo till the wee hours whilst they drank some decidedly dodgy Pina Colada from the bag - whilst Rich and I had a cup of tea - hummm....maybe Jo is right....I have become a nana! But then I didn't want to be hungover for packing today!

Incidentally on the packing note - a big big thanks to Celia for taking me along with her on her Saturday morning shopping and helping me pick up some boxes to begin the whole packing up the flat process.

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