Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today's the big day!

That's the reason why I am up at such an ungodly hour (ok I am quite often up at this hour to go to the gym but being up at this hour to go to work just seems wrong!). Anyways the big day is of course our first ever stall at Craftwerk - I'm really looking forward to it but unfortunatly due to the fact I have zero leave so I can't take a half day I have to be at work at 7am so I can leave at 4pm to do Craftwerk type stuff. The Craftwerk people have advised we need to be there at least an hour early to set up (because people usually start arriving at 4:30 and not 5:00 when the thing actually starts!). Rich is leaving work to do the set up - but I have to get some more money for the float and also pick up the fimo's Kat has left at Triangle on my way down to Southern Cross. But it should be a fun night out (lots of bands on at the gig!) and hopefully we should make a few pingers for all our hard work.

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