Tuesday, February 07, 2006

When Tuesday feels like Monday

Now don't get me wrong - I am always eternally grateful for a day off and a four day week but I now know that I am going to be confused for the rest of the week as to what day it is - I guess that means Friday will arrive earlier though - that has to be a good thing:)

The rest of my Waitangi Day I spend hanging out with Rich - we ended up checking out the markets/concert at Frank Kitts park for a while, where I bought this cute little Russian doll pin - I love markets where there are crafts people selling interesting stuff rather than just markets when half the stuff is imported crap (ie: Frankton Markets in Hamilton).

Then, being as it was Waitangi day and all we decided to go and check out Te Papa and see if there was anything new happening.

We ended up seeing a copy of Burt Munroe's "World's fastest India Bike", which had been made by the Britten motorcycle factory which was too cool!

There was also an exhibition on about the Wanganui river Iwi and the relationship between Pakaha and Iwi in that area which was pretty poignant considering -

(A) It was Waitangi Day, and
(B) We had seen River Queen the day before

Very cool and worthwhile seeing - again - it made me think maybe I should go to Wanganui. Rich was telling me about a kayaking trip you can do down the Wanganui River - but apparently it takes about 5 days. I'd love to do that but I think I would have to be much fitter and used to Kayak's before I try!

I've got my second Weight Watchers meeting today - hopefully I did ok in the last week - the whole program didn't seem to hard to do.......hopefully I have been doing everything right.

I'm going to pick up my little pack at the meeting tonight with the points guide and everything else:) Plus a new recipe book - strangely enough I am actually liking cooking from recipe books rather than can of stuff!!

Well best be off and dry my hair and get to work - even though it's going to be a short week I already know it's going to be another very busy one!!

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