Monday, February 06, 2006

Waitangi Weekend

Yah for Waitangi weekend - three days off work is always good! However, if you do find yourself bored today (or at any time really) check out the blog below - it's too funny!!

So my Waitangi weekend has been a pretty quiet one - but that's not really a bad thing given that I've been pretty tired in these last few weeks since starting my new job. The weekend was spent mostly having coffee with friends and watching movies.

Today I am going to meet friends for coffee and then watching a dvd with Rich in the afternoon (or perhaps going for a walk seen as the gym is closed...grrrr....).

We finally saw River Queen yesterday and it was so awesome, it had the most amazing shots of the Wanganui River - it actually made me want to go and visit Wanganui again! I haven't been to Wanganui since I was a kid and it was actually a treat to go on a day trip to Wanganui.

Last night we went out to a BBQ at our friends Jo and Chris' house which was wicked - my first BBQ of the year! When Rich and I get our next flat I think it will have to have some BBQ type area, and some more room - maybe if we have more room, a BBQ and a BBQ outdoor type area we could actually have a party. That would be wicked.

Speaking of moving flats the people in the flat above us have left - which is a little worrying - they were students but they were pretty quiet as far as student go - Uni is about to start up soon and I have to say I'm a little worried about getting some rowdy first years up there - but hopefully they will be relatively quiet.

Anyhoo - better sign off here as I am heading off for coffee!

I love not being at work on Monday!!!

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