Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I'm sorry I couldn't resist the picture - my Hoff obssession is tradgic - my friend Conor asked how long it would be until I bought Rich a pair of red speedos and asked him to run towards me in slow motion.....

The Valentines day did not go according to plan for us - largely due to our friend the Wellington weather - rain again!!

But Rich did make me a lovely dinner and bought me a red rose and a paua pendant - very cute:)

After dinner we tried to go for a walk - but it rained again!! Argh!! So much for exercise (seen as the gym is closed) and romance!

But we have decided to go for a weekend away in Picton in April when Rich's course is all done so decided to spend the night planning that instead - which was pretty fun - neither of us has actually been to the South Island before which is a bit of a sad (especially seen as Rich has been to Kenya, USA and UK - but no South Island!).

Picton actually looks like a cool little place - I want to swim with Dolphins, cruise the sounds and go on lots of walks:)

Also good night from Weight Watchers last night - I am now another 1.4 kgs lighter!

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