Sunday, February 26, 2006

How Domestic - ew!!

I hate buying things for our house - even if it's stuff we need. There's just something far too grown up about buying stuff for the house. Today we went and bought not only a blender - but also some tea towels - my God - how boring and grow up!

Tonight we have decided to go out on a "Date" - seen as we have hardly done anything all weekend with me feeling sick.

I have to say though it's hard to find things I can actually eat out when I go out seen as I am doing Weight Watchers - I guess it's one of those things that you get more used to over time as you learn more and more how much points everything is worth.

Anyway - Rich and I have decided to go to Coyote - yes they do have lots of high fat Mexican type stuff - but they also seem to have some good food - like warm chicken salad - so we are going to go there.

After dinner have decided to go to the movies - we are finally going to see "Walk the Line" - I have been waiting forever to see this film! I wanted to see it as soon as it came out but then the Fringe Festival came along and most of my nights were taken up with plays and other Fringe type things!