Friday, February 03, 2006


It has just been one of those weeks where you have absolutely no idea what you have done - but at the same time it has gone super quickly and you are totally exhaused at the end of it!!

I think my general exhaustion may be due to my new job - while it is SO GREAT having a job that I am passionate about again - it is really tiring - learning all of the new stuff I have to learn plus having my own jobs and responsibility again. Don't get me wrong - I couldn't be more happy to be there - but at the same time it's just a bit exhausing getting used to "real work" again.

But on the upside I have a cool friend to hang out with at my new job - yah a tea/lunch buddy - makes things more interesting:)

But the VERY best thing about my new job will be next Wednesday - when I get paid - I've been far too long without any pingers going into the bank!!

Although I could easily write more general ramble - I best get a move on as I want to go to the gym and it closes early on Friday nights so I best get there and get into it before it's too late!

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BellaHM said...

hola Teresa!

thought I'd go back & read your early posts and leave some comments :D

sounds like your job is going well...glad to hear that its a good workplace & good people - AND they pay you WHOA haha