Saturday, January 13, 2018

TaiyaKiwi and and Aztec Print Laurel Dress

Last weekend Rich and I visited "TaiyaKiwi" I've been wanting to go here forever! It's a Japanese Taiyaki and Matcha Bar, I first saw their sign up before Christmas and really wanted to go, but it's one of those things we didn't "get around" to until now.
I should have really taken more photos inside as it's tiny, but cute! There's a small Japanese style bench, which is where Rich and I sat to have our matcha and taiyaki.
Like the sign says, TaiyaKiwi only does matcha and taiyaki, but they have a few variations of each. We both got iced matcha because it was a really hot day when we went and it was delicious - not at all sickly.
There were three options for the Taiyaki - traditional Japanese (bean paste), Kiwi style (filled with Whitaker's dark chocolate) and a "special" - when we went the special was chicken and cheese.
 I went for the Kiwi style taiyaki and can confirm, it was delicious and Rich went with the chicken and cheese, which he said was like a toasted sandwich.

This post isn't just about treats though, it's also about sewing! I'm trying to share a few things I made last year but never blogged about.
This isn't actually the best photo, but oh well, you all get the idea! The Aztec print fabric is from the Spotlight sale table and the pattern is the Colette Laurel Dress  which I've made many times before!
My favourite thing about this version, however, is the sleeves! You can't see them so well in the earlier photo so here's a bad close up photo of them - I think they are kind of fun (and the first time I wore this to work I found out they were also "on trend" who knew?).

Hope you all have a fun weekend, I started back at work this week so I've just finished my first working week on 2018 and I am exhausted! It will begin to get easier again at some point right?

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Louise said...

The taiyaki looks so cute (never heard of it before, but have seen pictures of them and wondered what they were), and your dress is lovely. So nice to have you blogging again! xx