Sunday, January 14, 2018

52 Week Sewing Challenge - Sew something from the last fabric you purchased

I made it to week two of my sewing challenge! Two down 50 to go, I can do this right? The challenge for week two (January 8-14) is to sew something from the most recent fabric you purchased.

For me this fabric was so lovely, but super bright seeksucker I bought from the Spotlight sale table for $4 per metre. I didn't have anything in mind when I bought it, which was during my Christmas/New Years break, but I was inspired to buy it as we have had a really HOT summer (well by Wellington standards at least) so I thought a fruity summer frock would be kind of fabulous.

Like my last challenge, I decided I'd use my sewing book collection to try and find a pattern. This time I chose the "Plaid Rockabilly Dress" from Gertie's Ultimate Dress Book. So confession time, I have all three (at least I think she only has three) sewing books published by Gertie - but this is the first time I've made anything!
This book is pretty great because all the pattern pieces are completely interchangeable, so you can use the pattern pieces as suggested in the book or you can make up your own design.

Also I've recently worked out why I don't sew much from my sewing books, it's because I still haven't found a decent tracing technique/paper. I recently got a hot tip about using frost cloth (which is used in gardening and is cheap) so I'm going to see if that works out better than a tracing wheel and art paper.
This is a finished dress, with bonus "Mia Bomb" I made the bodice based on what was in the book, and added some cute trip I got in a craft swap. It is a wee bit too big, but overall I'm pretty happy with it but will probably size down next time I make one of Gertie's patterns.

I did have every intention of making the pleated skirt, but I had so much fabric left, I opted for a gathered maxi length skirt instead. I'm not honestly usually one for maxi dresses, as for some reason I feel like they are a hot weather thing, but it's been so hot lately it seemed like the right decision.
Obligatory selfie - but also you can see the puffy sleeves a bit better and the orange trim as well - yah!

Overall I'm pretty happy with this make and will probably keep making it as long as the sun keeps shining here in Wellington, hope you all have a lovely weekend!


MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Trees, frost cloth sucks. Come get some pattern cloth from us, it's a much better quality and we can tellyou how to use it best. Awesome stuff! xo

Louise said...

That dress looks amazing! I'm really impressed with your clothes-making skills- it looks like it came out of a shop! I love the fruity fabric, too. xx