Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas 2012 via instagram

I do have a whole lot of Christmas/New Years pictures to post - but I thought I'd start off with a short and sweet post of Christmas via instagram.

Rich and I have now visited David White Gallery on two Christmas Eves in a row.  Perhaps its now a tradition? David White Gallery is one of my favourite op shops/second hand stores, its the biggest jumble sale in the city, I just love it!

I ran out of time to make my niece and nephew Christmas stockings - so I bought them these cute little Christmas bags.
On Christmas morning we opened our present from Nankz and Paul - the best oven mitt EVER!
My brother and his family bought me Hello Kitty Monopoly for Christmas - unfortunately its all in Spanish.
On Christmas day we celebrated with some sparkling riesling which my mum had bought from the South Island on her recent holiday.
Here's the view outside my parents front gate - a little bit quieter than my usual life in Wellington.

My mum made these rainbow jelly cups for Christmas day - so cute!
Here's Rich and I at boxing day dinner with our Christmas crackers.
Some of the horrible jokes inside the Christmas crackers.
The Christmas trees at mum and dad's house.
My mum and dad have a bouncy castle at their house for my niece and nephew - fancy!
Rich bought himself a Nexus 7 tablet for Christmas - he can even play it as a piano.
One of my brothers bought me a cupcake soap on a rope as part of my Christmas present.
He also bought me the vintage sewing book I asked for - thanks little bro!
One of my op shop purchases whilst I was away - a cute blue compact.


Unknown said...

Ooooh lovely loveliness!! Can you play the monopolia even though it's in Spanish? It could maker it even more fun! I am so impressed with the jumping castle in the living room - it reminds me of one all my all time movies called Star Struck - the main character has a blow up wading pool for a bed and I have always wanted one! Happy new year, Trees- hope you have an amazing year! Big hugs, Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the jumble shop! Wish I could visit it. Looks like you had a great Christmas. Hope you had a good New Year

alicia said...

MONOPOLIO! hilarious.

i love christmas crackers! they're not really popular here, which blows, but bear got me one from LUSH that you dissolve in the bath! apparently it has a crown, a toy, and a joke inside just like the real ones!

i love taranaki and want to live there and "feed the donkey"! ;D

i'm so happy you had a nice "summer" holiday!

love youuuuu! <3

Krista said...

Beautiful holiday photos! I want a bouncy for my living room :). I still can't get over the summertime christmas, it's like being back in California, sun shiney shine!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

That second hand store looks AMAZING!!!! What a way to spend Christmas eve! I love your gifts....especially the sewing book. Xx

Sarah Jane said...

Well that book looks perfect. I am putting it on MY wishlist now ;)