Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 - Year in Review - Part Two

Here's part two of my year in review, its actually pretty fun to do a year in review post, sometimes when you look back at the past year its easy to think that you've done nothing in the past month. However, when you keep a blog you can look back and see you've visited four countries, sewn a whole bunch of dresses and been fire walking the year seems so much more satisfying.







Helga said...

I love a retrospective, but am far too lazy to do it myself!!!
I reckon a blog makes a pretty good diary!
Now,haven't had any luck re Ria, no one I know lives on that side of town! We are 2 bus rides away, or I'd offer our place.I am still hopeful that someone might be closer, when is the gorgeous thing coming?

Stacey said...

I know exactly what you mean! At the end of the year it's easy to think you've done nothing in the last 12 months, but writing a blog really reminds you of how much you've done. I love all your pictures!

alicia said...

my year in review would be like "i went to work and was annoyed." "i didn't go to work and was annoyed." etc. at least 2013 is the year of our fun o'rama! <3 <3 <3