Thursday, April 07, 2011

Recent Crafty Goodies

Here's a couple of things I've been up to lately. First up a little train necklace, I found this train amongst the minatures at a craft store and thought "I can make something with that". I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out - I just thought this train was too cute to pass up. I wore necklace number two today so you get an action shot - these kinds of necklaces are really popular this season. I thought they looked super easy to make so I made one! I think the next time I'll make it a little longer, although it goes perfectly with the vintage dress I wore today.
I also wanted to share some craft supplies I bought recently from esty. First of all this little Alice in Wonderland pendant. I think it's really cute but I am not sure what I will do with it just yet. I am thinking I may make a brooch, but I am open to other ideas too.
Next up are these little Japanese girl pendants which I just think are so cute - I am thinking I will make at least one set into earrings. I have talked about my love of Russian dolls before - so I am pretty happy with this purchase. I want to make a charm bracelet with these little ladies. The photo isn't the best but trust me they are adorable.
Finally, these tiny little bottles - they may not look too exciting - but I have big plans for these from my Witch Craft Book.


Meghan Edge said...

My boss wanted to know why I was excitedly pounding on my desk with my hand while chewing a donut. I couldn't bear to tell him it was because I couldn't squeak out my excitement over your russian dolls. 0_0

I also want the first necklace with the ribbon so much. I love it!

cb said...

ooohh i am excited about the tiny bottles!!!


Courtney said...

I LOVE the Alice brooch! It is so pretty

What Sadie Did said...

Great stash. You will have to tell me where you got the supplies for the chain necklace, I really like that.

And think your russian doll charm bracelet will be fabulous!

Macska said...

Hey chicky! I think your blog is awesome, so I've just passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to you. :-)

Tiffany said...

I love the first two necklaces! That train pendant is so cute and quirky and the ribbon threaded through the chain just inspired my to do my own diy. I have a few of the little corked bottles of my own that I made earrings out of. Love them

Trees said...

Meg - Your comment made me giggle! Such a funny picture.

CB - Planning on making something with the bottles today when Rich is off studying at the library. Stay tuned for pictures.

Courtney - Isn't it darling! I love Alice:)

Sadie - Let's have a Saturday brunch date soon! Afterwards I shall take you to Goldings Craft store & Fringe Markets:D

Macska - Oh thanks lady - too kind:D

Tiffany - Thanks so much for your comment - especially about the necklace.