Saturday, April 30, 2011

Craft 2.0

Rich and I had a pretty quiet Easter this year, but one thing we did do was head to Upper Hutt on Saturday to check out Craft 2.0. It's an awesome craft fair we have fairly regularly in Wellington (maybe once every quarter).Craft 2.0 is held at the New Dowse Art Gallery - which is a pretty amazing gallery. When we visited they had a cool exhibition on, I can't remeber exactly the name of the exhibition but it seemed to be based around different of media. He's a photo of Rich in front of a whole bunch of speakers.

I only bought a couple of things at Craft 2.0, both from the same vendor. First up is this cute little toadstool brooch.

I also bought this cute cross-stitch pattern. I'm not working on any cross-stitch at the moment and was thinking I needed a new pattern and thought this one was pretty cute. We also bought some cupcakes at Craft 2.0 - I liked the little sugar flower on top. Finally, at the fair they had an old school style photo both which was a whole lot of fun. The best part was it was free! Here's our photos.


* said...

that cupcake looks awesome...and nice photos!

Meghan Edge said...

You know I had a really well thought out comment- and then I saw the cupcake and it all went out the window. Needs cupcakes.

Trees said...

* - Thanks for your lovely comment & the cupcake tasted even more awesome than it looks! (Yes - that's possible!)

Meg - He he he - you make me laugh:) If we ever meet for reals lets make cupcakes. Or at least eat them:D

Unknown said...

ahhhhhh :')
i loooove those photos!
i so wish the photobooths that printed 4 different photos - all we have over here are the ones that print the same, for passport photographs :'(
Rosie xo

What Sadie Did said...

That photo booth looks so cool. It wasn't there last time (or I didn't see it anyway!!).

Love that brooch too :D

Sadie x

Trees said...

Sadie - The photobooth was upstairs. Last time I went to Craft 2.0 it was single level. Its gotten so big and busy!

Jamie said...

OMG the cross stich pattern is adorable!! Also..I'm drooling on my keyboard over that cupcake!!