Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on South Korea

A while ago, I posted that Rich and I were going to be living in South Korea for a year teaching english but I haven't really posted an update for you all since then so I thought it was time I did.

Rich and I have jobs in public schools in a satellite city of Seoul called Uijongbu which is pretty exciting, we will be teaching at different schools but since we will be working in public schools the local school boards (whatever they may be called) are happy to provide us with couples accomodation.

Our new jobs starts on 1 September, we are now just awaiting the arrival of our acceptance letters from our schools so we can take them down to the South Korean Embassy and apply for our visa documents and then we will be all organised.

We have now had all of the required vaccinations and have bought a medical kit from the travel doctors which has a bit of everything you could need (most importantly tablets for dodgy tummy's).

I finished at my work on Friday and recieved an AWESOME score of Kathmandu stuff from my workmates plus a Korean Phrasebook and map which will be very useful.

Rich finishes work on Tuesday and for the next few days I will mostly be listing the final items of "stuff"that I no longer love on trade me whilst meeting up for lunch with friends on both days.

Well that's all for now on the whole Korea thing'- I'll be sure to keep you updated as the whole thing progresses!

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