Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Adventures Day 3 - Oamaru!

On the third day of our trip we got up at a very ungodly hour to travel buy bus to Oamaru - the upside? We were at Oamaru and ready to explore by 9am in the morning.

We checked into our backpackers which was fantastic after the dive we had in Dunedin (which only had on thin duvet in the middle of winter).

The first thing we decided to do was check out Oamaru's Historic Precinct which had numerous amazing old Oamaru stone buildings filled with galleries and other assorted crafty goodness. Rich and I found the most amazing beading store which had the greatest number of charms I have ever seen - I may or may not have spent more money on craft supplies - I can neither confirm or deny.

Also in the historic precint I saw my first ever art car which was pretty exciting, I've seen them on the internet before but it's the first time I have seen one in "real life".

When we had all of the crafty goodness we could take we decided to check out the Oamaru gardens, which were fairly huge! However most of the ponds were still iced over with very thick ice at around 2:30 in the afternoon - brrr....cold.

In the evening we decided to do what every good tourist should do in Oamaru and check out the little blue penguins as they come ashore in the evening. I always thought little blue penguins were pretty cute - and they are - but when they are calling their mates they make a noise that is not of this world! I don't know how something so small and cute can make such a terrible noise.

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had an awesome trip away. I love all the photos. Yay for finding the cool bead shop.
SO how was the icecream?