Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wayward Victorian Swap - My Creations

My swap partner has now received her Wayward Victorian swap package in the mail - which means I can share with the rest of the world what I sent-Here we go!

I bought a plain white fan and "aged" it with tea - then added the ribbon and fantail stamps. I am REALLY happy with the way this turned out.

Next is a Victorian postcard that I put into a frame and then blinged it all out with stone chips, beads, glitter and whatever else I could find.

Next is an art journal which I embellished with a postcard of Prince Albert, lace, beads, a cameo and glitter.
I also made a garter, teapot pendant, skull hand brooch, skull earrings, whistle pendant, flower hair clips, cameo brooch, octopus trinket box, a set of flower fridge magnet and wine glass candles.

FINALLY - last but not least I made a fascinator - which was VERY difficult to photograph and a box for the fascinator to live in so it doesn't get damaged as it is quite delicate. The postcard on the front of the box is of Crystal Palace.

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

Wow trees lovely stuff. That facinator is gorgeous and I love all the jewellery you made as well. The teapot is so cute. I think I need to go see if I can find one to make into a pendant.
Your partner got spoilt BIG TIME!