Saturday, June 20, 2009

Virtual Vacation Swap

So I am down to completing my last three swaps before I leave New Zealand (I'm sure there will be much more swapping to come when I get settled into Korea or wherever we end up!).

One of the swaps I am currently taking part in is a virtual vacation swap, I haven't finished my package yet but my partner is really super organised so I received my package from her well before send out date!

The basic gist of the swap was that you needed to make a bag and assorted crafted goodies for your partner as well as any "extras" you would like too.

I was a little obscure in my destination, I think I said I'd like to be send somewhere in Asia or Eastern Europe and my partner "sent" me to Hungary which is pretty cool. She made me an amazing dragon bag and associated dragon goodies including the passport holder which is awesome. I also love the amazing mask brooch she send - it's really beautiful and he has the power to ward off winter, Rich and I should stick him to the door of the flat I think.

She also sent me loads of cool "extras" but my favourite HAS to be the novel she sent through - "World War Z" it's about the zombie apocalypse and anyone who knows me knows how crazy I am about zombies! I can hardly wait to get into this book!

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