Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have no head for numbers - I can't remember phone numbers or street numbers. If I am shopping with a friend and it's sale time and they ask me what's 20% off $56.50 I look at them blankly and say there is a reason I went to law school and that reason is numbers and I are not friends.

I do have a job that requires some numbers - but all I need to deal with is land areas and sometimes added or removing GST. I have a calculator and formula's for all of this which reduces the amount of brain power I have to use about thinking about numbers - in fact I now even have a table on my computer which converts metres square and hectares to acres, roods and perches and vice versa, meaning I can even forget some of the conversation formula's I have, which I like a lot.

I'm talking about the issues I have with numbers for a reason, that reason is that New Zealand post has suddenly gotten all militant on this whole postcode carry on. I remember maybe a year ago getting something in the mail saying that we now have a postcode - but to be honest - I really didn't pay any attention to it and continued along in my postcode free world.

I have traded with a few people on trade me who have included their postcode in their address but this never inspired me to do the same - I don't need more numbers in my life!

In fact, I remember when telecolm decided to change all our phone numbers. Until the age of 11 or 12 my phone number was 621, yes, that was it. Prior to living in the country my phone number had a whole FOUR digits (which I have forgotten now naturally).

Suddenly I wake up one day and my phone number is a whole SEVEN numbers long - WTF - do you know how long it took me to remember them.

Now I have to remember another number - my postcode!! Which is made all the more difficult as no one can seem to decide what suburb we live it - it could be the Aro Valley, Kelburn or Highbury? I have personally chosen to say we live in Aro Valley - it's the most interesting suburb of the three in my humble opinion and it's where the electoral roll people say we live.

Well I am off - I better look up my postcode and try and commit it to memory before New Zealand post stops delivering my mail because it lacks postcodes.

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