Sunday, July 06, 2008

It's cookie time!

My friend Donna came over this afternoon to keep me company seen as Rich has been away these past few days and I have become a bit lonely by myself.

I decided, seen as I had a visitor, this was the perfect chance to have a "practice run" with my "spooky" cookie cutters I bought for my upcoming gothic tea party.

For those who don't know, I've decided to have a "Gothic Tea Party" this year for my birthday - and a gothic tea party requires gothic food. I recently ordered some cookie cutters off trade me to make some gothic cookies for the party. The cookie cutters are in the shape of a skull, bat and saw.

Here's my first attempt at using the cookie cutters (based on the recipe that came with the cookies) I learnt from the first batch to roll the cookie mix quite thin. On the "big day" of my party I'm going to ice the cookies as well and give the skeleton some eyes!

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