Thursday, July 03, 2008

That's too cool not to have....

I remeber once when Rich and I had a stall at Creftwerk, a girl came up a bought an old school hot pink "V" guitar brooch that Rich had made. She told us she bought it because it was "too cool not to have".

Today I have found something which is simply "too cool not to have" - I was out for a walk at lunch and went to one of my favourite shops, Calico Jacks. I nearly always end up buying something when I go in there as the guy in there is just so....well nice....I am pretty sure he's the owner and he's always happy to have a yarn with you. Which is a sure fire way to sell anything to me - you could be selling the best greatest most amazing thing in the world that I couldn't possibly live without - but if you act like a wanker I'm not buying anything from you.

Anyways see below for a picture of what I bought which was simply "too cool not to have" - they are hair ties!! OMG!!

I also checked out the companies website - is it possible someone went into my head and created a line of t-shirts and accessories just for me? Well perhaps not but you couldn't really get much closer to my dream accessory/t-shirt line. I especially like the "I Heart Zombie Tee" (because I totally do **heart** zombies) and also the skully hands necklace.

Friends - did I mention my birthday is coming up and the dollar is just so strong against the pound these days.

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