Friday, February 23, 2018

Seoul - Part Two

In our second day in Seoul we decided to walk up to the summit of Mount Namsan, it's really accessible from the city and easy to find as Seoul Tower as at the summit.
The walk to the summit wasn't too difficult, there were a lot of stairs, but they were all well formed and easy to climb. Also it was worth walking up them all for the views!

 The view from the lookout which was about halfway to the summit was pretty amazing, it gives you an idea of just how big Seoul really is!
One of the fun things we saw at the summit was these fancy padlocks - so many padlocks!! They weren't on Mount Namsam when we used to live in Korea, but I thought they were really fun. Also we met at cat whilst checking out all the padlock (pat all the cats!).

 We were lucky enough to visit Seoul in autumn, so the leaves were changing colour and they were so pretty!

We finished up the day by hanging with our friend Joseph, I didn't take too many photos as we were just hanging out and catching up! But later in the evening we went to get an ice cream at Bistopping, I had been obsessively following their instagram for months, so I was so excited to visits!

 This ice cream was pretty expensive (I think about $NZ13) but it was worth it! You get to choose a fancy cone and toppings - I loved my mermaid cone!

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Louise said...

It looks beautiful and what a view from the top! I didn't actually realise the urban part of Seoul was so big, though; it looks huge. Also, those ice cream cones look amazing! A mermaid cone is always worth the money. Haha! xx