Sunday, October 18, 2015

Holloway Road Walk

Wellington is a really small city, which means everything is accessible including some of the most quirky neighborhoods/areas - it a bit of a weird place. Which obviously means I really like it, but its not really the kind of place that you would think would exist less than thirty minutes walk from the city centre.
 There's a house with an old bench outside that always has random books lying around - I'm never sure if its a book crossing type thing or what's happening? On this particular day there was an old photo on the bench as well, but I didn't turn it over.
 I didn't take too many more photos of the street in general, although I might in the future. It's just such an interesting part of the city.
We have been spending a lot more time around Aro Valley and Holloway Road since we  moved as the nearest reserve to us is now at the end of Holloway Road. It's hard to believe that this much nature exists so close to the city.
I was telling a work mate about this reserve as she is new to the city and is looking for some urban walkways. When I googled the reserve one of the characteristics that came up was "creepy" - maybe that's why I like it so much around here?

 Also I had to take a selfie in my extremely sensible walking gear, because that's how I roll (no active wear here people! I'm only ever wearing that at the gym).
The first track we did was the loop track, I've done this track a number of times and I have to admit its not entirely clear where you're meant to turn around! One of the really interesting things about this track is that part way along there is a shrine kind of area. I've done this walkway numerous times over the past ten years or so and the shrine has changed over time but it has always existed in some shape or form.

Although it is spring here, there seemed to be a lot of skeleton leaves on the ground which I always love looking at, they are just so delicate.
 This bench had seen better days, but I think that's part of its charm, parts of it where completely covered in moss.
Once we had completed the loop track we decided to take the longer route home over the hill onto Aro Street, this track comes out over at the Polehill Reserve. 
To get to the next track you have to walk past this old dilapidated house in the reserve which I would love to know the story behind, why is a house in a reserve? Where there more houses here at one stage? Who owns it - the council?
For the rest of the walk we just followed the signs to Aro Street, there were some beautiful views along the way. We also encountered a guy who was trying to get his goats back down to Holloway Road (yes, Holloway Road is the kind of place where people keep pet goats).

I'm so happy that spring is finally here and as Rich finished his Masters a few weeks back, I hope we can do walks like this more often. I hope you all had a nice weekend xo


Louise said...

I love exploring places like that in the countryside. It looks so pretty, and I love that the old bench and house have been left alone to weather naturally. xx

Vix said...

A fabulous stroll around your neighbourhood. No wonder you love it. xxx

Kendy P said...

very nice nature shots!

Anonymous said...

So amazing that this stuff is in the city!