Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fabric-A-Brac - October 2015

I've done many posts in the past about Fabric-a-brac, its a twice a year fundraiser we have here in Wellington where people sell all kinds of fabric, patterns,notions and other sewing bits and pieces.
I usually help out in the cafe, but I decided to take a break from volunteering this time and just hung out with friends (I'm sure I will be volunteering again next time fabric-a-brac rolls around).
I always love checking out all of the patterns at the event, you really never know what you might find!

Then there's all the fabric, lace, buttons and everything inbetween! I was very tempted to buy that sparkly velvet.

Although I didn't work in the cafe I did visit it obviously, they had the most delicious brownie.
What treasures did I find at fabric-a-brac this time around? First up the patterns - I was pretty restrained this time round.
This pattern is a size too small for me, but I hope I can size it up as its so cute!
Although there's not much call for tropical dresses like this in Wellington, I think I can make a dress from this for my next overseas trip.
A modern pattern? Say what? I loved the lines of the red dress - I have a lot of crazy prints that this dress would work with.

Next up is the fabrics - again I didn't go too crazy. I bought a metre each of these cute Halloween fabrics from the same stall.

There was something about this green cotton that just screamed "buy me!" - I have a total of three metres. Also this photo doesn't really capture the colour of the fabric, its more emerald green.
Finally this check fabric, I never used to be a fan of orange, but its grown on me lately. Also look at that adorable embroidery!
Finally I bought this ric rac - its yellow AND sparkly, how could I leave this behind? Also how cute is that packaging.
I also noticed this sign when I was up in the cafe when I  was having tea - I'm thinking of entering. Any suggestions as to what I should make with my fabric-a-brac finds?


Vix said...

I'd love to go there. What an absolute bargain. I spy a Jiffy pattern, too! x

Curtise said...

Great patterns (although I was also taken with the 1960s Jiffy one you showed) and fabric. And that ric rac is superb! What a cool event. xxx