Monday, December 22, 2014

Little zig zag dress

A few weekends ago, my lovely friend Joy was kind enough to feed my obsession with knit fabric and take me out to Te Rauparaha Area in Porirua to feed my stretch fabric addiction.

Levana was having a fabric sale and I wanted to get my hands on some pretties.

I usually leave these kinds of things with a rainbow of colours - but this time it was mostly black, grey and green. I do often think "I need more plain stuff to balance out the crazy" but I hardly ever actually BUY the plain stuff to balance out the crazy.

I did buy a lot of stretch fabric and the good folks at Levana were very generous with the length of fabric they were cutting! I'm sure you guys will see loads of stuff from the fabric I bought on this wee morning out.

Let's start with my first outfit - a zig zag Moneta dress. I know - ANOTHER Moneta dress, but when you find something that works for you I think you should just run with it!
I remember fabric like this being really popular in the ninties - but I never had any of it! Now I can make my dreams come true. Here's a close up of the fabric - just ignore the tights, they picked up all kinds of fluff from sitting on the floor.
The nice thing about a grey dress is that I finally have something to wear this little green cardigan with - its pretty cute.
Especially the applique on the back - who doesn't love foxes!
I wore this outfit to the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Christmas get together which included a Christmas decoration swap!

My partner was Zara - I was kind of having a mental block as to what I should make her, then inspiration struck on the day before the swap! A sewing themed Christmas wreath.
She looked so happy when she opened it - Laura looks pretty impressed in this photo too!

My secret santa was Allison - I have only met Allison a couple of times, but she already knows me pretty well! This is what she made me - super adorable.
I was pretty excited to get a perfect Hello Kitty from my secret santa! That's Nicola wearing a perfect handmade Christmas dress in the background.
We don't have a "real" tree in our apartment - but I put Hello Kitty next to our "mini" tree.
Hope you guys have all had a good start to your Christmas week! Also thanks to Sandra for the photos from the WSBN Christmas party.


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! And I don't think the Moneta pattern will ever get old :D

Kura Carpenter said...

I think a fabric sale on that scale would be dangerous!

Vix said...

That dress is wonderful, very Missoni-esque! xxx

Unknown said...

I think the zig zag dress looks lovely on you, especially paired with the cardi and necklace! Such nice pops of colour! :)

Louise said...

That dress looks amazing on you, and the cardigan is so cute! I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, lovely lady. xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I LOVE this dress on you...the zig zag print & the colour, and I'm swooning over that cardigan too. Where did you find a cardigan with foxes??? Your comment on the previous post about some secret news has me in suspense. Xx

Ali said...

Hi Trees, I thought you might like to know that Kitty's dress is from a piece of fabric I found in a bag at my parents place when I was sorting up. I'm pretty sure it is vintage as it has sat there a loooong time! It's a small piece but yours if you want it :)

Anonymous said...

This is full of awesome - the dress, the wreath, and Hello Kitty. All fantastic.