Saturday, December 20, 2014

Halloween Swap Package

So I have bee absence for a while again - but its for a very good reason! Something pretty important has been occupying a lot of my time. Hopefully I can reveal all sometime in the not too distant future.

Right now, I want to share my Halloween package from Vany (aka Craft Ninja) with you guys. I know, Halloween was months ago and you're all focused on Christmas right?

But I think Halloween is the most magic time of year and surely at least some of you could do with a break from Christmas overload right?

Let's start with my first box (one of three!) when I opened it I saw this cool chocolate mould that lets you make your own chocolate skeleton for Halloween treats! Also that little yellow thing contained this cool guy - he's a mini measuring tape.

Vany is crazy talented - so I knew from the beginning this was going to be an awesome swap. I started with this cute box - what's inside?
It's a handmade baby Cthulhu - he has wings too, but Vany sent them separately for me to glue on (as they would have most likely gotten broken in the post). How creepy cute is this guy!
Next in line was this little pink package.
It's an emergency sewing kit!
Look what's inside - the little ghost tape measure is my favourite.

Another little pink package....
Which contains a little mummy box.....
Which contains the best locket in the world - a heart shaped brain locket.
Complete with a picture of Rich and I and Hello Kitty!
The box wasn't all creepy stuff - Vany also sent us advent calendars, I think this is the first advent calendar I've had since childhood!

Next up we have a Christmas cracker shaped present.
Which is the cutest little skeleton pig money box!

Next up was this package covered in spiderwebs....
Inside was this awesome rainbow skull cross stitch that's actually a fridge magnet.
It also included this picture - its hard to tell from the photo, but its one of those pictures that changes depending on the angle. It either looks like a very proper wedding photo or a super creepy ghost couple.
Another cute package with star beads included in the wrapping.
 Inside this package is a really great rug mug - modeled by Rich's Dr Who mug.
The mug is double-sided - one side full of creepy things.
The other side is all about my hobbies - sewing, travel and cupcakes!
This package also included some biscuits to have with your cup of tea!
That's a lot of great stuff right? But guess what - that's only box one! Next up is box two of creepy goodies!
First up - these amazing pearler bead brooches. One is a kind of green zombie cupcake and the other is a grumpy cat version of Hello Kitty! Vany totally nails my tastes.
Next package included the only thing that was broken in the mail.
Fortunately the thing that was broken was a giant kinder surprize egg - so it was going to get broken anyway!

This was the cute toy inside of the kinder surprize egg.
This package also included a bunch of awesome little notebooks.
I also got these incredible handmade buttons - even the paper they are attached too is pretty much perfect.
The next package included all kind of random treats that Vany had collected throughout the year.

Here's a few of my favourite things in this wee box. Monster butt bubble gum!! I still haven't eaten this - the packaging is just too great to open.
I also got these amazing cupcake toppers - I feel like Hello Kitty cupcakes are going to be a thing at a crafternoon very soon.
These lollies were also included - Vany said this Minnie Mouse reminds her of me! What do you guys think?
I also got this super cute mini Hello Kitty lolly dispenser - its super cute and we were so restrained with the lollies! We actually have a few left!
I also got a cute little Hello Kitty key chain and badge amongst all this great stuff!

Then it was time to open another package....this one was covered with spider webs and inside is the greatest scarf ever!
It a crochet skull scarf - I've only worn it a few times as the days aren't really cold enough for scarves right now. But when winter rolls around, I'm pretty much going to wear it every day!
It was time to open the FINAL parcel - the one that said "open last" so you know it was going to be totally amazing!
It was a new zombie friend!! This guy hangs out on our sofa every day - he's pretty much the best!

I thought this was the end of  another amazing Halloween swap - until a third package arrived at work from Germany a week or two later. I was so excited to receive this third "mystery" package!
I opened the package  with bugs on it first as the paper is so awesome!
Inside was my favourite German chocolate - yah!
Also the most AMAZING shoe clips were included in this package - I just love the Princess Bubblegum ones!
It was then time for me to open my final parcel and its seriously amazing - you guys can't even imagine how awesome!
It's a tissue box cover - but not any old boring tissue box cover! It's a Hello Kitty/Horror movie character mash up tissue box cover! First up is Pinhead (from Hellraiser) Kitty.
 Then its Jason from Friday the 13th Kitty!
Followed by the adorable but terrifying Chucky Kitty.
The final side of the box is Freddie Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street Kitty.
Even the top of the tissue box holder is totally amazing - its a picture of the Necronomicon from The Evil Dead!
That was the last package for me - but there was one final package for Rich!
There wasn't anything creepy inside - but it was a super thoughtful package. Including white chocolate and also a football scarf from the team Vany's boyfriend supports. The scarf is the same colours as Rich's team the Wellington Phoenix!
These were such amazing  Halloween packages! I received so much amazing stuff - I am so lucky to have a friend like Vany.

In other good news - I have finally finished work for the year so I should be able to catch up on my blog reading and posting (finally). Hurrah!


Curtise said...

Soooo much cool stuff - lucky girl! I think the skeleton piggy bank is my favourite thing. Hurray for finishing work! xxx

Kura Carpenter said...

What an amazing array of presents! Makes me feel bad for my usual last minute dash to buy chocolate. But who doesn't love choccy?

Anonymous said...

I am so in awe of Vany, her skill and generosity, and the swaps you guys participate in. I want a craft ninja friend to do swaps with! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so in awe of Vany, her skill and generosity, and the swaps you guys participate in. I want a craft ninja friend to do swaps with! :)