Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Traditions - Diane's Christmas Crackers

I know a lot of couples have a heap of Christmas tradition, but we didn't even get a Christmas tree until two years ago (and its a mini tree). Our Christmas time is usually spent traveling a lot and so we hardly have any time at home to make any kind of traditions of our own - EXCEPT for Diane's Christmas Crackers!
Our lovely friend Diane makes Christmas cracker for her friends each year, they are so thoughtful and full of much better treats than boring old store bought crackers!
What was inside each cracker? Here's Rich's treats. A balloon, some lollies, chocolate and stickers.
Here's mine - fridge magnet, lollies, chocolate, stickers and a little clip!
Diane also gave us a few extra Christmas goodies this year - hot chocolate in super cute boxes.
We also got some gingerbread men - but not any gingerbread men - ZOMBIE gingerbread men!
Hope your Christmas has been great - whatever you've been up to xoxo


Louise said...

Love the crackers- they're so thoughtful! I make crackers for my family every year, but usually using a kit; although this year I had to make one from scratch because one was missing from the pack. It looked like a 5 year old had made it but it was fun to do. xx

Curtise said...

How great are those crackers? Nice one, Diane! Hope you've had a lovely Christmas. xxx

Unknown said...

Aaw such a cute idea! In Germany we do not have this tradition with the Christmas Crackers, I had never seen them before. But this year here in Australia it was the first time I was introduced to this custom and I like it! :)

Vix said...

Happy New Year to you and Rich! Those crackers are great. xxx