Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Footless Tights - Fail

This weeks wardrobe challenge was a fail for me - footless tights.

I did try to do it really - I even began to pull on a pair of tights but then I realised:

1) It's winter

2) I hate the cold

3) I have kind of short legs and look pretty silly in footless tights anyway and the only ones I own I bought by mistake because I thought they were regular tights.

Hummm.....I look kind of sleepy in this photo, maybe its because Rich took it just before we headed off for work for the day.

I am especially happy with this outfit as pretty much everything I'm wearing was free!

The skirt and necklace I recieved this week in a package all the way from the USA via my friend Meg at Meg's Ragged Edge - will post pics the other goodies from the package soon, they are pretty rad.

Outfit Deets:

Skirt & Necklace - Gifts from lovely Meg

Cardy & Lacy top - Given to me by my friend Fiona when she was having a wardrobe clear out

Tights & Belt - Glassons

Shoes - The Warehouse

Cute Little Felt Brooch - Gift from Rich


cb said...

i love that skirt and your necklace is soooo cute! i love me some skulls and bones!

try the footless tights again! i am short too and i find getting the proportions right is key. i either have to wear shorter ones that fall a bit below my knees with a short skirt and flats or longer ones with heels and i find those two styles work best for me. wearing tights is huge for me since i ride and i work where i bend over a lot and flashing my undies is not always a nice way to say, hi, nice to meet you! hehehe


Julia said...

Yay for free stuff!!
I can't do footless tights either, I much prefer proper tights too, they make my legs look long I reckon & they seem more lady like.

Trees said...

Cb - Isn't the skull & bone cameo AMAZING!!

I think I am going to try the footless tights thing when I am travelling in Malaysia/Phuket this summer - but at the moment, its just too cold....brrrr....winter!!

Julia -Glad to know I'm not the only girl who feels a bit weird in footless tights:)

Meghan Edge said...

I'm just SO GLAD you love your stuff! You look so cute! ^_^ I love that skirt on you!

Trees said...

I love my stuff lots! I will so do a blog post based solely on the awesome-ness of your package ^^