Friday, July 08, 2011

Just a touch of crafting

One of the nice things about having a blog is you get to met likeminded people in your own town, country and around the world. Though this blog I've been lucky enough to meet Meg who is a crafty lady that makes the most amazing jewellery and clothes. You should check out her blog, its pretty rad.

Recently Meg and I decided to do a swap - just because its fun. I sent Meg a few vintage items to re-work and a few handmade things.

Below are my two favourite things I made in the package I sent her - first is a Little Ghost brooch. If you follow my blog, you may remeber I made one of these for myself a while back in white.

I also made Meg these cute little vampire shoes - its just as well we aren't the same shoe size. Because it we were I'm not sure if these shoes would have been included in the package to Meg's place - because I seriously like these A LOT. I must make myself a pair or perhaps even two.


Meghan Edge said...

Hey! I'm going to do a full post on the amazing stuff you sent me- but please let me know when you recieve yours. I'm worried! If you don't get it soon let me know so I can recraft some stuff and send a second package. (PS- I love that ghost so much.)

alicia said...

that little ghost is too cute! <3

Trees said...

Meg - I did think your stuff was a little late in arriving....crossing my fingers it is here really soon! I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

Alicia - I know - I love making these little ghosts so simple but SO adorable!

cb said...

yay i can finally read your blog! i dont know why i couldn't view it! so weird...anywho...i LOVE THOSE SHOES!!! lady that is fantastic!! oh i want a pair like that! have you done anything else like that? so so cool!


Ayeisha said...

That shoes + brooch are too cute :]