Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some cool stuff I saw in Newtown

I started my new job today and I am exhausted! I think it will take me a while to get used to working a forty hour week again.

Last week I wasn't working but Rich and most of my friends were so I spent a lot of time hanging around Wellington - here's some cool stuff I saw in Newtown.

Wooden bedside tables - I like the skull one. He's pretty amazing.I love street art and I thought this wolf was pretty amazing - I have to say I really missed Wellington's street art when I was living overseas.
These creepy looking dolls were in the window of a store called "reincarnate" which I thought must have been some scary bogan store. It is a little bogan but it also has all kinds of second hand loveliness and the folk that own it also revamp old clothes into something new and more awesome.I took this photo inside the changing room of a fabulous op shop in Newtown called "Oppourtunity for Animals". I seriously love these stores (there is one in Kilbirnie as well) as they are everything an op shop should be, they sell crazily cheap stuff that no one wants any more for a cause close to my heart. This trip I bought a purple animal print dress.


Victoria said...

I love that first bedside table, very kitch!

I think Charity shops in the UK are getting quite expensive now, especially the big Charities, I feel bad for saying that but I tend to go to the smaller idependant charity shops now xxx

Meghan Edge said...

I love those tables!

Suzanne said...

the dolls are cool!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, that's a very scary doll, dont wanna look at it, looks voodoo or something, heheh :)

Trees said...

Victoria - I totally agree with you. Some of the big charities in NZ are really expensive, which is a shame.

Pixie - The tables are so incredible!

Sue & Shiney - These dolls are simply too creepy for words! But as a horror fan I like that:)

Thanks for the comments everyone:)