Saturday, January 01, 2011

Day Trip to Beitou

My last little day trip in Taiwan to visit an area near Taipei called Beitou which is famous for its hot springs and food.

You arrive a Beitou via the main Taipei metro, however, as the train which connects to Beitou mainly services tourists, it looks a little different to most trains in Taipei. I love how the prawns look so delighted at the prospect of being eaten!

My main reason for visiting Beitou was to visit the Hot Springs museum - this was originally built by the Japanese during colonial rule. Unfortunatly there isn't a lot of English in this old building, but it is a beautiful old building and it is a lot of fun to have a look around the building and the surrounding grounds and gardens.

My other stop in Beitou was the museum of indigenous people - although this museum is pretty small its really interesting and gives you an insight to just how many different indigenous groups there are in Taiwan.

I finished off the day with some awesome Japanese food and a view of Beitou.

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