Sunday, October 10, 2010

Inside Taipei 101

As you already know, Taipei 101 is the second tallest building in the world (it was the tallest for a long time) and I have previously posted about the outside of the building. Well last week Rich and I went and had a look inside Taipei 101.

Inside of Taipei 101 is a shopping mall - full of all the luxery brands like Gucci, Chanel, Rolex as well as high end restaurants. To be honest this isn't my scene at all but the inside of the building was pretty interesting - it's extremely open and reminds me a little bit of Te Papa in Wellington.The ticket that you bought to enter the viewing platform gave you access to a few different floors. This is the impressive view of Taipei from the main viewing platform.

There is also an outdoor viewing platform at Taipei 101 - it actually felt a little like the building was moving at this height!

I loved this really useful sign which tells you shouldn't jump....I thought that would be obvious!He's an upward view from the outdoor viewing platform - as you can see from this platform we are almost at the top!A few other interesting things from Taipei 101 - I really liked these mailboxes and you could buy a postcard from the giftshop and post it here.There was also some artwork on display, by an artist who worked in bronze (or maybe it was copper), you could buy some of their jewellery and they also had a few bigger pieces on display. Like this skull which I thought was really beautiful.On another note, I really liked this cow at the ice cream shop! I think you could spin the wheel and potentially recieve a prize of some type.

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