Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vintage Buys whilst I'm home in New Zealand

Whilst I'm at home I decided it's time for a wardrobe update. So before I left Korea I spent a lot of time on trade me finding a few new vintage pieces for my wardrobe.

I can buy clothes in Korea (and I hope I can buy them in Taiwan as well) but to be honest I couldn't really buy anthing terribly interesting or quirky. Also vintage or even second hand seems to be pretty much non-existant in Korea.

So here's my vintage and vintage inspired clothes from beautiful New Zealand - I love them all but I'm especially happy with the last dress. So cute and vintage and it looks like it's made from nana's curtains - what's not to love.

I have two final pieces on my watchlist - I'm just waiting to see if I can "win" them.

Also whilst I've been home I've gone through a box of clothes I left behind last time and there is at least three dressed and two skirts I want to take to Taiwan with me - as well as my new finds. Why oh why am I only allowed 23 kilos of luggage. I'm have to juggle my wardrobe about again and decide what must stay and what I can actually take with me.


Indy said...

I love all the pretty prints on those outfits!

Trees said...

So cute don't you think^^ I love it!