Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

When Rich and I were still living in the hostel (we have an apartment now - yah!) we were very near the miniatures museum of Taiwan so we decided to check it out one day before I went to work.

It's a pretty cool little museum with all sorts of things - like robots, barbies and faberge eggs (I always wanted a real faberge egg).
But the main event is, of course, the miniatures - I hadn't really thought about making miniatures as a form of art or craft before but these were simply incredible. The thought, planning and hard work that must have gone into making these miniatures is pretty inspiring.

I especially love the Japanese town with Cherry Blossom's and movie posters - it's pretty amazing.Finally, they had these cute little husky characters at the museum - I'm not actually sure why? They must be some kind of popular characters here (I've actually seen a lot of people with pet husky dogs - despite the hot temperatures) - I just thought they were kind of cute.


Lisa said...

ooo miniatures! Now that ive started uni again miniatures are all the fill my head since thats what my work is about. That museum looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Do you still want Faberge eggs?