Sunday, September 19, 2010

crafts and cupcakes in New Zealand

Whilst in New Zealand, I took the time to catch up on my baking, as you would have seen from my previous posts. So here's so more baking!

First of all, cream cheese cupcakes, these were pretty good and I think this cupcake photo is pretty awesome too. Did I mention I have a new camera? I also made these cupcakes for my friends Ekant and Unicia and posted them down to Christchurch. I decided to do this after a comment on my facebook from Ekant, who asked for some cupcakes seen as he had lived through the Christchurch earthquake. I knew he was joking but I thought I'd call his bluff and actually send some cupcakes down to Christchurch. These ones were neopolitan.
I also finished the bird mobile for my niece Sophiia whilst I was in New Zealand, here's the mobile modelled by her big brother Lukah.

Finally here's a photo of Sophiia and I - we took a whole bunch of photo's of Sophiia and I but none of them turned out too great. I don't think that she we really wanting to have her photo taken that day!


Julia said...

Yum those cupcakes look & sound amazing!
Well done on the mobile, it looks great :)

Trees said...

Thanks so much! ^^