Saturday, August 23, 2008

Presents for Baby Ruby

When we were staying with our friend's Jo & Andre at Christmas time, Jo was pregnant with her baby Ruby.

I remeber Jo heading to the shops and lamenting that all the baby clothes were, well boring and kind of plain with cheesy things written on the like "I'm a Princess" - it was then she asked if I could help her out with something a little more edgy for her baby.

Well fast forward many months and little baby Ruby has entered the world and in need of something funky to wear, which is where "Aunty Trees" comes into the picture.

Unfortunatly my sewing skills are still in their "developmental" stage so I knew if I sewed the baby clothes from scratch poor Ruby could well be waiting till her first birthday before she recieved anything. So I decided to embellish some store bought clothes instead.

This is what I came up with for Ruby - firstly a stretch and grow embriodered with a skull - I like the contrast between the girly-ness of the fabric and the skull.

Secondly - a tiny wee beanie with a little felt skull on it.
Finally, a tiny wee hoodie with "Dictator" embriodered on the back - because let's face it - small children (especially babies) are the ones that rule any household.

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