Saturday, August 16, 2008

Craft Swap Goodness

So I recently took part in another swap on Craftster entitled "My Country Doesn't have that Swap" - now the swap was kinda different to the standard craft swap as part of the swap was to send things to your partner that they wouldn't be able to buy at themselves as well as the usual crafty goodness.

My partner is still in the midst of making the crafty component of my package - she did - however send out an amazing arrange of stuff that wasn't handmade and here it is!

Firstly here's a very cute rockabilly shirt, belt and bag -awesome!
Some cute crafty stuff - I especially like the rainbow sharpie's - I always thought you could only get black. What a sheltered life I lead.
Some cool jewellery and some little purses - all very sweet cool.

My user name of Craftster is "Monkey_girl" so I have a whole lot of monkey's now - including a monkey hat.

These are a but hard to see but it's a whole bunch of hair clips with skulls on them:)

Finally the lollies - you always have to send lollies right? But I was luckily enough to get some tea as well.

Most crazy thing about this is, despite receiving a huge haul of amazing stuff, my swap partner is still knitting me something. So I have some crafty goodness heading my way as well!

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