Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chinese Influenced Crafts!

So as you can all see from post after post after post I have recently been to China - and China, of course, ROCKS!!

Here's a couple of things that I have made recently that were inspired by (and include materials from) China.

Firstly is my Postcard Poster - when I was in the artist district I picked up a whole bunch of very cool postcards and I decided I wanted to display them. But they didn't really seem worthly of their own little frames. But at the same time they were far too awesome to just stick to the fridge. So I chopped them in half and zig-zagged them together.

My second China project was based around a vintage look postcard, chopsticks and glue...lots of glue...

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Ange said...

I love the chopstick frame!!! Very cool! Very clever!!