Sunday, May 04, 2008

Shanghai is coming up rather quickly...

So my China trip is about a week away as of today - scary stuff really! I have though done some planning both by myself and with the girls.

The solo planning involves lots of expense unfortunately. My first huge expense was visiting the travel doctors. I have done very little travelling before - only to Australia and the Cooks and neither really require much major preparation (well lots of insect repellent in the Cooks to avoid Dengue Fever but nothing too major. But China is totally different so I wanted to have a yarn to the travel doctor and get some vaccines. I was shocked at how much it cost to see the travel doctor $80! (my normal doctor is about $30) But it was good to have a chat and sort some things out with her. I also had to get a vaccine for Hepatitis A and a tetanus booster (which is super nasty and I still have a lump on my arm from it). I also bought a "diarrhoea kit" (which I am REALLY hoping I don't need) and some of those "flight socks" (yes I realise I am an over cautious traveller).

I have also bought a big suitcase for the trip (and Fiona bought one too so we are suitcase twins!) which will come in useful as I am sure I will buy lots of useless trinkets on the trip.

With the girls we worked out a lose kind of agenda of what we want to do when we are in Shanghai and here it is

Go for a general looksee
Sex China Muesuem (it's new our backpackers - We can't not go!)
Pearl Tower/Jin Mao Tower (super tall building that we can see the whole city from)
See if we can suss out a good bus tour

Century Park/Sculpture Park

"God's Temple" Markets
Old town
Yuan Gardens
Tea Ceremony
General "getting lost" in Shanghai and seeing what we can find

Muesuem/art gallery
Walk along the Bund (see if we can find the very cool looking cobbler in the Lonely Planet which is off the Bund)

Jade Buddha Temple
West Nanjing Road

Canal Towns

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