Monday, May 12, 2008

Shanghai Eve

So today is officially "Shanghai Eve" we don't have to even check in at the airport until after 6 so I could have technically gone to work today - the other girls did. But instead I decided to take leave, it seemed like I had so much stuff to do before going to Shanghai and the shuttle is coming in half an hour and I have to admit I still only feel 95% ready - but I think the other 5% is just nerves and the general worry associated with my bag being too heavy or alternatively I have forgotten something super important (like contact lense cleaner or ventolin) but I am sure all will be fine...

I guess seen as it's only half an hour to go I best do my last paranoid check and make sure for the about the tenth time I do have that contact lense cleaner, ventolin, camera....

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eMMa said...

Were you there when the quake hit? How was it?