Sunday, May 04, 2008

Comedy Festival

So I live in Wellington and it seems every week brings about another festival of some sort...this time around it's the NZ International Comedy Festival and Rich and I managed to see two shows this time round.

Firstly was "Huntly High and Low" seen as we both lived in the Waikato for years the irony of Huntly in general was not lost on us, in particular the line "In Huntly you could be whoever you wanted - Just as long as you didn't look or act different" - it's small town NZ in a nutshell really.

The second show we saw was this weekend and it was "David O' Docherty" - who is an Irish Comedian that Rich, Ross and I saw a few years back and thought was hilarious.

When Rich and I were walking to town to watch him at the San Fran Bath House we talked about how he better be funny as the wind and rain was blowing a gale and it was FREEZING! But no need to fear - he was really funny - I've never seen a funnier guy with a keyboard.

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