Monday, October 08, 2007

Maltester Lolly Cake

On Saturday Morning I had Aro Valley markets with Kat - it was such a stunner of a day and good to hang out in Aro even if I didn't sell much stuff.

For these markets I decided to do some baking - but one of the problems is that my baking ability is limited!

I asked my mum for some easy recipes and she gave me "lolly cake" and "fudge cake" - given lolly cake was easier and fudge cake required a slice tin which I don't have (yes - I am the least domestic 28 year old in the world) I decided to go for the lolly cake.

However, standing in the lolly isle of New World Metro with a really NASTY migraine coming on I came to a horrible realisation - lolly cake requires lollies and nearly ALL lollies have gelatine, which I am not eating now I am vegetarian.

The first pack of lollies I picked up that did not include gelatine, so I grabbed them and got home ASAP.

The next morning when I awoke from my migraine I decided to make some malteser lolly cake and much to my surprise it turned out well and it was a huge hit at the markets.

Here's my mum's recipe for lollycake - amended by me to be vego friendly:) (although it's vego friendly - it's still not friendly to your waistline or teeth!)

Mum's Lolly Cake - Amended by Teresa

115 grams butter
half a tin of condensed milk
1 x Packet of Malt biscuits
1x family size pack of dark maltesers

Warm butter and condensed milk.

Add crushed malt biscuits.

Let the mix cool slightly and add the Maltesters (the chocolate on the outside will melt off - but that's half the fun).

Make the sticky mix into a roll and put on a baking tray (you can sprinkle on coconut if you wish).

Put in fridge to set for approx 4 hours.

Slice up roll and serve - keep in fridge.

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