Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Vegetarian Festival

On Saturday Rich and I went to the vegetarian festival as we've decided to become vegetarians so need all the help we can get in finding out what vegetables have what nutrients and minierals and the like.

The festival was REALLY packed! But I did manage to have a "not dog" for lunch from the SAFE tent (it was olive and sundried tomato flavoured mmm...) and also had a free sample of a very tasty vege patty.

I picked up a whole bunch of brochures from the vegetarian society, I'm thinking of joining the vegetarian society actually. However you have to be meat free for 3 months before you can join so I will join in January next year most likely.

Although I have to admit some of their brochures have some pretty crazy questions and answers. Although I guess these are most likely based on questions people have asked them. The most crazy and funny one I came across was -

"Won't animals overrun the earth is we don't kill them and eat them?"

Hummm.....I don't think I need to comment further!

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